04.16.16 - Benefit Concert at Hastings Arts Center

Join Tony for an evening full of heart-wrenching acoustic ballads, original songs, and *various eclectic interpretations of the 1974 Barry Manilow classic, "Mandy".

We will be raising money for the Hastings Arts Center Phase 2 Project. Find out more at

Tony will be taking requests in exchange for a modest donation to the Hastings Arts Center. There will also be a silent auction in which bidders will bid on Tony to perform a song he doesn't know very well and may sound ridiculous on acoustic guitar. This may very well embarrass him significantly. Something like ... oh, I don't know ... Beyonce's "Single Ladies" or something.

If you can't make it, please consider visiting the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page for more information on Hastings Arts Center's Stage 2 project to help Hastings keep making music and art. Oh, and if you do, make a song request in the comments of this invite. 


*Tony may not actually play "Mandy".