NEW BANDCAMP SINGLE - "Stop to Listen"

I wrote this song over 20 years ago for people to get drunk to at college parties. I decided to record it with 2019 technology. Enjoy the improvements, and feel free to still get drunk while listening!

NEW BANDCAMP SINGLE - "I'm Not Even Sure Who We Are Anymore"


Hi! I'm going to be publishing a few new songs to Bandcamp over the next few months.

Here's the first one. I wrote it 22 years ago and it appears to be just as relevant as it was then. Maybe more.

Empathy (2016)

Once Around the Sun (2012)

"Someone Else's Songs": A Collection of Covers

Here are some cover songs I recorded. They're not without their blemishes, but I had fun with them. I apologize in advance for ruining them for you.